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Zhejiang taizhou jinqiao group co., LTD

Zhejiang taizhou jinqiao group co., LTD., established in1997Years10Month,Its predecessor was founded in1988Years of taizhou luqiao auto repair factory,The company registered capital6180Ten thousand yuan,The total business area10Million square meters,Staff of nearly one thousand people,Annual turnover6Hundred million yuan。 Company based in taizhou,Mainly industrial investment,At present in taizhou development zone、Jiaojiang district、Jiang days、Wenling city、Xianju county has many subsidiaries and investment,Mainly to carry out the brand car sales、Vehicle maintenance and repair、Auto parts manufacturing、Auto parts sales、City taxi passenger、Car rental、The car club、Cosmetic packaging, etc,At the same time involved in the financial industry,Take a stake in bank of taizhou,Cooperate with the famous automotive vocational and technical college in the province,Establish talent training base outside;Cooperation with the well-known domestic enterprises,Set up auto market after the industry garden area, etc...

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